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21 February 2015



Wishing everybody a very happy Chinese New Year of Sheep.

Designed by : Carmen Sprung

Video tutorial:

26 January 2015

100th post --- Origami My Heart

Happy Republic Day

Origami My Heart by Meenakshi Mukerji

Video Instruction:

Paper used : Origami sheets

No.of units : 12

Paper size : 6 inch square

02 November 2014

Origami Star Dodecahedron

Origami Star Dodecahedron designed by Francesco Mancini.


Paper used : Color printer sheet

No.of units : 30

Paper size : 2 inch x 4 inch rectangle

(22 May 2014 - 23 May 2014)

20 October 2014

Star Flower

Star Flower by Meenakshi Mukherji

Reference : Exquisite Modular Origami by Meenakshi Mukherji

No of units : 30

Paper size : 3 inch x 6 inch rectangles

Paper type : Origami paper

08 October 2014

Vortex Dodecahedron

Vortex Dodecahedron

Reference : Exquisite Modular Origami by Meenakshi Mukherji

No of units : 30

Paper size : 3 inch squares

Paper type : Origami paper

01 October 2014

23 September 2014

Striped Sonobe Icosahedron

Dear readers,

Today is Mahalaya, beginning from tomorrow is Navaratri - celebration of good triumph. Wishing everybody a very happy Navaratri.

Thanks and Regards,

Reference : Marvelous Modular Origami by Meenakshi Mukherji

Paper used : Origami paper

No of units : 30

Paper Size : 6 inch square

Top: Left to Right : Striped Sonobe Icosahedron, Pinwheel Dodecahedron, Daisy Sonobe, Patterned Icosahedron. Bottom: Left to Right : Normal Sonobe , Dodecahedron, Sonobe cube, Icosahedron

13 September 2014

06 September 2014

Origami workshop at AKKA

Origami workshop in progress
I conducted Origami workshop at AKKA(Association of Kannada Kootas of America). AKKA happens once in two years, this time it took place in San Jose. The event takes place for three days, it's pretty much like a fair where several cultural programs run in parallel. Artists and dignitaries are invited from Karnataka, India. It's a means to carry on our cultural heritage. It was a pleasure for me to be a part of it and conduct Origami workshop.

Venue : San Jose Convention Center
Date : 30 August 2014

Heartfelt thanks to the committee for giving me this opportunity.

23 August 2014

Patterned Icosahedon

Above Photo : Patterned Icosahedron vertex (left) and triangular face (right)

Above Photo : Triangular face of Patterned Icosahedron and simple Icosahedron

Above Photo : Vertex of Patterned Icosahedron and simple Icosahedron

Designer :  Meenakshi Mukerji

Reference: Ornamental Origami

Video Tutorial :

No of units : 30 rectangles

Paper used : origami paper

Paper size : 3 inch : 6 inch