10 May 2013

XYZ - 3 Intersecting Planes

After trying out some simple basic polyhedra I started with intersecting planes. I came across this set of modules in the book  Ornamental Origami: Exploring 3D Geometric Designs. In the book instructions are given starting from 6 intersecting planes. I was not very clear when I went through the folding diagrams. To start with I took the very simple 3 intersecting planes/XYZ coordinate planes.

Reference:  To make units: http://www.davidpetty.me.uk/origamiemporium/images/ow_xyza.gif
                   To assemble:  http://www.davidpetty.me.uk/origamiemporium/images/ow_xyzb.gif
No of units: 6 units.
Paper size used : 5" x 5"  
Difficulty: easy model.
Paper used: normal color printer paper
Time: 1.5 to 2 hours

Easy model. Easy to make. As mentioned in the above David Petty link, I felt it is easy to assemble four units, had to squeeze in the last two for the third coordinate tearing the paper a bit here and there. Good for beginners though.

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