20 May 2013

3D Origami Flower

This is my 25th post, I was saving this post for the 25th post. This should have been my first post but I didn't plan well when I began blogging. I didn't even know I would do these many modules (whatever little I have done).

This was the first Origami I did, to be precise on 19th Jan 2013. A beloved friend of mine A**a auntie showed this since I loved to try one myself. I guess we referred this link below.

Reference: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=60n6aiSig8U
Units: 76 , one of the lowest no of units model in 3D origami
Paper: normal printer paper
Duration: Can finish in 4 hours or less.
Difficulty: easy, great for beginners

All I wanted was to make a 3D peacock to keep in my house for decoration. It all started with this simple and easy flower. I went on to try a mini peacock, 3D swan, flower basket, a big peacock etc. looking at videos on YouTube.

I then happened to see an Origami exhibit of Meenakshi Mukherji in nearby Sunnyvale library. I came to know about modular origami. I borrowed a book and tried Star burst, Sun burst etc.. from her book. Somehow I got a hang of it and continued to do several more simpler modules in a span of 4 months. It's exactly (just) 4 months now since I started Origami.

This post is a small tribute to A**a auntie who gave me a kick start, book authors and other origami enthusiasts for their videos and blogs. Hoping to carry on for many more years to come.

I will be continuing with intersecting planes from next post.


  1. Nice to know how you started Origami. Loved all your creations :)

  2. Hey thanks Ashwini :) I should not say my creations but others creations I tried :) it's nice of you to follow my blog so well :)