01 May 2013

Dodecahedron - skeleton

I am so changing my mind regarding my blog template. I love the old classic style and change to that and suddenly feel dynamic view is good and revert back.

I wanted to start intersecting planes, but haven't had time to take photos and copy to my laptop. Hope to do that soon. Meanwhile here's a dodecahedron skeleton model.

Reference:  Ployhedron Origami for Beginners - Miyuki Kawamura
No of units: 30 units.
Paper size used : 5" x 5"  
Difficulty: easy model but didn't find it sturdy.
Paper used: normal color printer paper
Time: 1.5 to 2 hours

Remark: I didn't find this model sturdy. I felt I could've taken a 3" x 3" size square sheet. The pieces didn't sit tight and kept falling apart. After trying for a long time I finally used glue. I try as much as possible to avoid using glue since true Origami should not use glue. I tried hard to make it fit and in vain. Even after assembly the model won't stand firm.
So far out of all modular origami models I have done, I have used glue for 2 or 3 models.


  1. I like the classic style, makes it easier to read. This one looks really good :)

  2. Yeah, let me see if I get good template, so I can change :)