07 May 2013

Icosahedron - skeleton

Take a look at my blog in Flipcard style, (hover mouse pointer over Magazine in upper left corner of the page,select Flipcard option from the drop-down menu ) to view all models together. It looks very colorful.

Let me finish off by posting this model, icosahedron skeleton type. I also did tetrahedron and octahedron skeletons but I am not going to post it. They are easy models and good for beginners to understand platonic solid structures.

Reference:  Ployhedron Origami for Beginners - Miyuki Kawamura
No of units: 30 units.
Paper size used : 5" x 5"  
Difficulty: easy model and strong enough, easy to assemble.
Paper used: normal color printer paper
Time: 1.5 to 2 hours

No glue used, no paper clips used while assembling.