01 June 2013

TUVWXYZ - 7 intersecting planes - Stars

7 intersecting planes - stars.
I love star planes than rectangular planes. So I stopped doing rectangular ones given in the book. (Anyway number of units started getting too many, it takes time to fold and assemble).

Reference : Ornamental Origami: Exploring 3D Geometric Designs
No of units:  7 x 6 = 42 . 7 planes 6 units each.
Difficulty:  Easy
Paper used: Color printer papers
Paper size: 4 inch x 4 inch
Time : 4-5 hours (I didn't complete these models at one stretch. I took 2-3 days spending 2 hours per day)

Base angle = 360 / 6 = 60 degrees.

Assembly Technique: Start by connecting 6 units. In the photo the hexagon which I started is towards left formed by red, light purple, light blue, green, orange and yellow. Baby pink is the 7th plane.

The assembly guide is also available here:

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