16 July 2013

kusudama versailles

Designed by Krystyna Burczyk

Presenter: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RmNeREucbIg by Tadashi Mori

Paper used : Color printer paper

Paper size:  4 " x 4 "

Single flower with single unit
Difficulty: Easy, assembly is easy.

No of units: 60 to make a kusudama ball. 5 units to make one flower. 12 flowers required totally.

12 flowers
Time : I took 5 days. I would have taken 6-7 hours totally to make 60 units and assemble.

No tools used for curling, no glue used for assembly.

Single unit with Completed Kusudama ball
It is easy to make units and assemble. Didn't find any problem. It's a beautiful bunch of paper flowers.It looks more beautiful in real than in photo.

Interesting math:

When we fold the first two steps, we actually dividing 90 degrees into three 30 degree angle. Simple proof using Trigonometry:

 θ = 60 degrees.
 α = θ / 2 = 30 degrees. (α is angular bisector of θ)

I have used 4 inch square sheet. Side of square would be 4 inch. AB is 4 inch since we fold the tip of below right corner of square, let's say D, to point A. Hence AB = BD = 4 inch.

Started on 17th June 2013. Completed on 21 st June 2013


  1. flower looks lovely! interesting math too.

  2. Wow! That is the prettiest origami piece I have ever seen! It is just lovely; thanks for posting.