11 September 2013

Evi's Rose

Paper used: Regular printer sheet

Nice tutorial by Tadashi Mori:

Difficulty: Simple - easy folds, edges need to be trimmed and folded to get a rose look. Has a flat base, easy to place it on table. I could have done better.

Paper Size: 8.5 inch square for above model

No glue/scissors required for this, Rose of Roses and Kawasaki Rose.

Time: 30 min or less

06 September 2013

Rose of Roses - Jordi Adell

Paper used: Normal color printer paper.

Nice tutorial by Sara Adams:

Difficulty: Easy , has a kawasaki like twist, I did this after kawasaki rose, felt fairly easy. Should modify after the final step to make it look like a rose, the better one modifies, the better it looks like a rose. Sturdy enough, not as sturdy as Kawasaki. Kawasaki folds are tight enough, won't come out easily even after a heavy throw.

Time: 30 min

Paper size: 

The baby pink rose - 6 inch square
The dark pink rose - 8.5 inch square

Inspiration: http://blackswanfolds.blogspot.com/2013/04/rose-of-roses.html

I came across this type of rose through the above blog.

05 September 2013

Kawasaki Rose

I changed the blog appearance again for it is convenient to customize with default blogger template. The earlier template had not much options.
Check out the Gallery tab above, to view all the modeld in Google blogger dynamic view. Looks good :)

Kawasaki Rose

Did this on 22 June 2013.

Too many creases that are easy to make. I thought I might find Kawasaki twist a bit hard. When I tried it was not as difficult as I thought, it neatly got twisted.
One tip: While making creases before Kawasaki twist press it nice. I used my nail to press each of the crease. This might have made the Kawasaki twist easy.
After this the folds might get confusing, not impossible to figure out though. First time I folded 3 houses and I got stuck at 4th one, kept wondering where the flap must be folded, took few minutes to figure out.

Final model is very neat.

Reference: A very nice video by Marigami

First time (above photo)

Paper used: Color printer paper.

Paper size : 8.5 " x 8.5 "

Second time: (below photo)

Paper used: Scrap book Paper which is thicker than printer paper. I felt thicker paper works out well for this.

Paper size:  12 " x 12 "


No of sheets : one

Difficultly:  might not be easy for beginner level. Intermediate I would say

Time : can finish in 1 hour. Second time I took lesser time.

I felt bigger size paper looks good.Sturdy model. My scrapbook sheet has lot of embroidery designs, the rose done out of this paper doesn't look that clear in photo.

I didn't use any glue or paper clip while making this rose.

What I like about such model is it requires just one sheet.

After the Kawasaki twist:

Kawasaki Rose: Not very clear in this scrap book sheet sue to the design.

04 September 2013

Origami butterfly (michael lafosse)

michael lafosse

Paper used: Color printer sheet, both side colored. Use double color paper for a better look.

Difficulty: easy

Time:  30 minutes

Paper size: 8.5 square sheet

Tutorial by: Michael lafosse - His personal blog: http://www.pem.org/sites/origami/

Andrea's Rose

Second tessellation I tried.

Paper used: Color printer paper.

Time : 1 - 1.5 hours

Difficulty: moderately easy.

Size of the paper:

  1. 8.5 inch square to make the model in above photo with 6 layers
  2. 12 inch square to make the below model that I framed with 6 layers, the paper was too thick.
(It is not very clear in the photo due to the color of the paper)

Suggestion: Printer paper with normal thickness suits well. Do not take a very thick paper, folding becomes difficult

Tutorial by Sara Adams - could not follow clearly after couple of steps.

This video is sufficiently clear and was able to complete with this guidance.

Started and completed on : 4th June 2013