06 September 2013

Rose of Roses - Jordi Adell

Paper used: Normal color printer paper.

Nice tutorial by Sara Adams:

Difficulty: Easy , has a kawasaki like twist, I did this after kawasaki rose, felt fairly easy. Should modify after the final step to make it look like a rose, the better one modifies, the better it looks like a rose. Sturdy enough, not as sturdy as Kawasaki. Kawasaki folds are tight enough, won't come out easily even after a heavy throw.

Time: 30 min

Paper size: 

The baby pink rose - 6 inch square
The dark pink rose - 8.5 inch square

Inspiration: http://blackswanfolds.blogspot.com/2013/04/rose-of-roses.html

I came across this type of rose through the above blog.

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