24 January 2014

Origami Iris Flower

Video Tutorial by Tadashi Mori :

Time required: 5 minutes for one flower

Paper used: Color printer sheets. (Colored on both sides)

Paper size : The flowers in the photo are made of 5 inch square sheets.

Difficulty : Simple.

No of Units : Single sheet

No glue

13 January 2014

Origami Lotus

Happy Makara Sankranti

Time required: 15-20 min

Paper used: Color printer sheets. 

Paper size : 3 inch x 5.5 inch like mentioned in tutorial

Difficulty : Simple.

No of Units : 12 ( 8 blue and 4 green )

No glue

Tutorial by Tadashi Mori:

08 January 2014

Francis Ow - Six Pointed Stars

Designed By: Francis Ow

Instructions  : http://web.singnet.com.sg/~owrigami/geomet.htm

No of sheets required for each model : 6 square papers

Paper size: 4 inch x 4 inch

Paper used : Scrapbook Paper (available at Michaels)

Some of the designs I tried:


Design A:

Design A : When both sides are of same color

Modification For Two Color Points:

Design B:

Design E:

01 January 2014

Origami Lotus (Single sheet)


Starting the New Year with the flower Lotus, the National Flower of India. 

Number of Sheets required : One sheet.

paper size = Color printer paper of 8.5 inch square

Video Tutorial by Tadashi Mori and Sara Adams