01 February 2014

Five-And-Four Tessellation

Origami Five-And-Four tessellation by Eric Gjerde

Front View

Back View 

Reference : Origami Tessellations by Eric Gjerde

Number Of Sheets:  One

Paper Size : 8.5 inch square

Paper Type : Color printer sheet

Time required : 1.5 to 2 Hours

Difficulty : Intermediate. 

I love single sheet origami for the fact that I can start right away with one sheet of paper.

Five and four tessellation is a beginner project in Tessellations. Square of 4 units side, is tiled on square of 5 units side, hence the name. Earlier I had tried Andrea's Rose and Hydrangea. This tessellation is easiest and good for beginners.

However, I took a while to figure out 90 degree pleat intersection fold. This is the basic fold in Five-and- Four.

A very accurate folding is required. Every small fold matters a lot. 

The above photo is my second attempt. The first time,I missed the small diagonal folds. Paper got crumpled a lot while I was trying to figure out the 90 degree pleat intersection.

The instructions for 90 degree pleat intersection is available in the book. The Crease pattern is also provided for every Tessellation. 

The second time it was a lot easier and turned out more perfect.

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