25 February 2014

Origami Tulips

I have finished folding the ten beginner projects from Eric Gjerde's book, Origami Tessellations. I am yet to post 6 more though, out of which I have drafts  ready for two and for the other four I need to take photos. Taking a break from tessellation "addiction", I went on to fold this simple Origami Tulips.

I remember folding many simple Origami models in my school days like Origami ball, piano, shirt, containers, rocket, boat and so on. Among them is Origami tulip that I frequently folded tearing sheets from my school books (especially the subjects that I least liked!!). I would cut out the square from the rectangular paper and I used the remaining sheet to make stalk for the flower. 

This is a simple yet beautiful traditional Origami model.

Instructions are available on net. I had folded tulips so many times that I still remembered the steps very clearly.

For the flowers in the photo I took 4 inch square color printer paper.

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