15 February 2014

Tiled Hexagons

Beginner Project No. 3:

Tiled Hexagons is the third project, in Eric Gjerde's book, after Five and Four tessellation and Spread Hexagons. I found this relatively easy. The elementary fold or twist in this tessellation is triangle twist. This twist is easy to figure out. I had earlier done square twist while doing Kawasaki Rose. Triangle twist is simpler than that.

Below is a single triangle twist on a square sheet of paper:

I tried a single tile in this tessellation. Below is the pattern that repeats through out in this tessellation.

Back view of the single tile.

Only recommendation is to mark the Crease pattern, it might get confusing otherwise. I marked the hexagons around which the above tile is to be made. Rest is very simple. This tessellation didn't give me any problem.

Front view of the completed tessellation:

Reference:  Origami Tessellations by Eric Gjerde

Difficulty : Easy

Time : Can be finished in one hour or so.

No. of Units : 1 sheet of paper

Paper size : 8.5 inch square sheet

Paper type : Color printer paper.

No glue no scissors required for this or any other tessellations.

Back View of the tessellation: