18 March 2014

Basket Weave

Basket Weave tessellation designed by Joel Cooper

Beginner Project No. 8


Basket weave tessellation, 8th project in Eric Gjerde's book, is designed by Joel Cooper. This has open back hexagon twist and triangle twist. This pattern is similar to Open Back Hexagon Twist tessellation. The twists are very closely spaced and overlapping. I had trouble with the triangle twists since they are very close to hexagons. The triangle twists lie below the hexagon twists.

I didn't get this tessellation first time. I planned to make one open back hexagon twist and six triangle twists around it, like given in the book . I started with square sheet of paper and with lesser triangle grids. But as I went on to fold the triangle twists, the paper didn't neatly fold at the border. So I gave up and started second time by making more triangle grids. This time I made complete second layer (six more open back hexagon twists around the central hexagon). I could fold neatly at the border.

In this tessellation, unlike all others I have folded so far, the pattern we fold becomes back view. 

Mark Crease pattern and fold the diagonals of parallelogram for the open-back hexagon twist beforehand.

I had tough time with this tessellation because of close spacing!!!

Front View

Reference : Origami Tessellations by Eric Gjerde

No of Units : Single sheet of paper

Paper Size used : 8.5 inch square sheet

Paper type : Color printer paper

Time : < 3 hours

Difficulty : Intermediate. 

Back View

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