14 March 2014

Open-Back Hexagon Twist

Beginner Project No. 7

Open Back Hexagon Twist tessellation is the seventh of the Beginner Projects in Eric Gjerde's Origami tessellations. This pattern is very similar to and Pinwheel tessellation.

This pattern has a new type of twist called open-back-hexagon twist. The other one is the very old triangle twist.

Again for this, I strongly suggest marking crease pattern beforehand, since open-back-hexagon-twist has additional creases other than triangle grids. It is very easy to fold once it is pre-creased. I took the help of a ruler to fold along the diagonal of parallelogram for the open back hexagon twist.

After trying out the open back triangle twist in Pinwheel tessellation, I found this pattern easy to follow. I loved both front and back view of this tessellation.

Back View

Reference: Origami Tessellations by Eric Gjerde

No. of units : 1 sheet of paper

Paper size : 8.5 inch square sheet

Paper used : Color printer paper

Difficulty : Intermediate (But after folding 6 tessellations I felt this rather easy to fold) I didn't get stuck anywhere. Follow the CP in the book.

Time : I took < 2.5 hours

Front View

Back View

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