06 March 2014

Pinwheel Tessellation

Beginner Project No. 6:

Pinwheel tessellation, by Eric Gjerde, is pretty much similar to Instead of triangular twist, this has open back triangular twist.

Marking crease pattern is very much required. Apart from triangular grid creases, additional crease for open back triangular twist is required. I used a ruler to fold along the diagonal of the parallelogram to mark for the open back triangular twist.

I strongly suggest pre-creasing(given in the book) for this tessellation. The twists are easier to make if the creases are done before folding. No tricks, just follow the CP.

The pattern looks wonderful in light. 

The paper looks crumpled a lot, because of the many additional creases.

I should give this tessellation one more try.

Front View

Reference : Eric Gjerde's book Origami Tessellations

Paper size : 8.5 inch square.

No of units : 1 sheet of paper.

Difficulty : Intermediate.

Time : 2-3 hours.
Back view is more impressive.

Back View

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