22 May 2014

Six Intersecting Squares

Six intersecting Squares by Dr. Robert J. Lang.

Reference : http://www.origaminut.com/photos/six_intersecting_squares.pdf

Paper type : Color printer paper

Paper size : should be of 5:11 ratio. I took 5 cm x 11 cm for the above model

No. of units : 6 x 4 = 24 units (6 squares 4 sides each )

 (19 May - 20 May 2014)

17 May 2014

Four Interlocking Triangular Prisms

Four Interlocking Triangular prisms designed by Daniel Kwan. His mesmerizing work here : https://www.flickr.com/people/8303956@N08/

It's easy to make the units. I had trouble assembling the first triangular surface (a prism has three rectangular surfaces and two parallel triangular surface) of the prism. The flaps tucked in would come out and had to start from the beginning. I had the same issue last year sometime when I tried and had given up on this model. But finally now am able to complete it.

Assembly to interlock each prisms is not so difficult to figure out though.


A very nice tutorial by origaminut

Paper used : color printer papers

No. of units : 12 square sheets (3 square sheets per color)

Paper size : 8.5 inch square

Difficulty : Intermediate

(16 May - 17 May 2014)

Group photo of the interlocking types of modular origami:

From left to right : four interlocking triangular prisms, three intersecting rectangular rings, five intersecting tetrahedra and nine intersecting planes

12 May 2014

5 - Hypar hat and Star

Star made of Five Hypars

 Hat made of 5 hypars.

Hypars are widely used in architectural design. The roof of Girls' Grammar school in London has been designed like above 5 - hat.

Hypar is short form for hyperbolic paraboloid. As given in this link - http://erikdemaine.org/hypar/ I glued 5 hypars to make a hat and a star.

I used printer papers for this. It's a very simple design and can be used to decorate Christmas tree or as a Diwali lantern (akash butti) during Diwali.

Interesting read:  http://erikdemaine.org/curved/history/

Five hypars

Five hypars stacked - like Pringles chips.

05 May 2014

Origami Hyperbolic Paraboloid

Pringles chips is an example of Hyperbolic paraboloid.


No. of units: 1 square sheet of paper

Paper size : 8.5 inch square

Paper used : Color Printer paper.

01 May 2014

Tsuzura box

Reference: Origami Boxes by Tomoko Fuse

No of. Units : 4

Paper type: Origami Paper

Paper size used : 6 inch square