03 August 2014

With Meenakshi Mukerji

Above Photo : Origami models display by Meenakshi Mukerji in Sunnyvale Public library
(All models on display are designed and folded by herself)

I was very happy to meet origami artist and author Meenakshi Mukerji on Friday (1 Aug 2014). She has been designing and displaying several modular origami models for over two decades. Her models are for public display in Sunnyvale public library. Last year her Origami exhibit in Sunnyvale Public Library (in the same curio cabinet) inspired me to try Origami in it's modular form. I folded some of her designs Sun Burst, Star Burst, Ixora, Impatient Trillium Bouquet, Tuberose and went on to try Intersecting planes from her book Ornamental Origami. Lately I have folded some more of her designs. I was glad to meet her just as I started to post them in this blog. I will continue to post the remaining models I folded from her book.

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