13 June 2016

Beading & Jewelry Making

This time during my visit to Bangalore I learnt to make Jewelry from my cousin. Sharing  the photos of a bunch of earnings and necklaces that I made.

03 May 2016

Origami Snowflake for Christmas

Origami Snowflake Variation -- Front View

Origami Snowflake Variation -- Back View

Origami Snowflake Basic -- Front View

Designed By : Francis Ow


10 April 2016



150th post!!

Designed by : Ekaterina Lukasheva

Book : Kusudama Origami


07 April 2016

Sparaxis Star

Happy Yugadi (Hindu festival of New Year!)

Designed by : Ekaterina Lukasheva

Book : Kusudama Origami

08 March 2016

Layered Passion Flower

Happy Women's Day!!

Layered Passion Flower designed by Meenakshi Mukerji

Book :Ornamental Origami: Exploring 3D Geometric Designs

No of Units : 30

Size of units : 1 : 4  (8.5 inch square color printer paper and divided into 4 parts vertically.)

(28th May - 29th May 2014) -- posting an old post that was in my draft!!!