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Origami Paper, 1000 sheets, 2 3/4 inches square ( 7 by 7 cm, or about 2 3/4 inches by 2 3/4 inches )

Antner 200 Sheets Double Sided Origami Paper 6-Inch by 6-Inch, 10 Colors

Caydo 144 Sheets Origami Paper 6-Inch by 6-Inch with 12 Different Colors and Patterns

Caydo 170 Sheets Origami Paper 6-Inch by 6-Inch with 12 Different Gradient Colors

Aitoh DSF-2 Double-Sided Foil Origami Paper, 5.875-Inch by 5.875-Inch, 18-Pack

Pacon Origami Paper, 9"X9", Assorted Colors, 40 Sheets

Aitoh OG-6 Origami Paper, 9.75-Inch by 9.75-Inch, 100-Pack

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